Jewel and Lotus


" Finding and working with Marija has been one of the biggest blessings for our business. From a standpoint of design, Marija has given us everything we wanted and more. She created nearly every page of our website from scratch! Her style and design aesthetic has helped us shape our brand and tell our story! We can feel confident with how we present our business. As a colleague and associate, we really appreciate her good qualities. Marija is efficient with her time and timely on meeting deadlines! She is a good and clear communicator. She is patient, kind and understanding. We highly recommend working with Marija and look forward to continuing our work together! "


Andy + Ashira, Jewel and Lotus

Web Design:


Jewel and Lotus is an online ethical market- place. They target customers who care about the planet and the origin of their products. Their website was redesigned to be fresh and clean while helping the customer to have the best and smoothest shopping experience possible.

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